To create a brand and visual identity for a winemaker and a label for a wine called 'Francesca'.


Nick Vial was in the final stages of his winemaking studies and had made a wine that he wanted to label for family and friends. The quantities were small but he hoped to be making larger quantities of wine in the future, possibly under different names, so the brand identity needed to be able to expand and grow as his business did. 

I started off by creating an identity for the winemaker himself, under the name Nick Vial Wines. The N,V and W created a stylish logo that worked well on it's own yet could be applied to any future labels. 

The wine itself was made from a small parcel of grapes, handcrafted for the enjoyment of family and friends. The label 'Francesca'. was named after his daughter, a strong, free spirit. This and the natural winemaking process inspired the free flowing design of the label. 

As a new venture with tiny quantities the design lent itself well to being digitally printed, with the possibility of foiling in the future once quantities increased.


Visual ID, Brand Application: Packaging