To design a new wine label for Rod Easthope for his Naked Wine brand.


Rod was looking to refresh his presence within the Naked Wines wine company. He had won Naked Wines Winemaker of the Year in 2014 and he felt his label was needing a refresh not only in it's look but in what it was conveying. He wanted the new label design to reflect the knowledge and expertise that he shared with his Naked Wine 'angels' in a friendly and approachable manner, and he wanted the label design to be about the wine rather than about the winemaker, himself. Another consideration was that he wanted the design of the label to fit into the stable of the Easthope Family wines.

Nothing is more personal than a handwritten, signed letter. This design put the letter on the front of the label. It is a sincere and personal note from  the winemaker to the ‘angels’. It imparts insightful, factual information on the wine in a friendly, approachable way. The same font from the Easthope Family labels was used for Rod Easthope signature, high rise build was used in the printing which helped to tie this label design into the Easthope Family stable.

The first release of the Sauvignon Blanc under the new label design has received favourable reviews from the Naked Wine Angels:

"I am a fan of the new labeling. Not only is it stylish, but it is actually very informative, providing factual information about the idiosyncrasies of the wine and how it was made, in a creative style with flourish." Matt, Naked Wine Angel

"Great wine, lovely flavours. Stylish label too." JackieNaked Wine Angel

"Love the new labels too - very classy." LouiseNaked Wine Angel

"This is a lovely example of what Hawkes Bay is good at in SB, and I also have to agree with those who have praised the label style; informative, stylish and distinctive."  GraemeNaked Wine Angel


Concept, Label Design